Beauty By Mel’s First Official Post

This is my first official post!

I know I’m so freaking far behind on posting on this blog it’s not even funny. It’s been an overwhelming few months really trying to figure out where to start from. So many great beauty sites are dedicated to this very important topic, it’s kinda of hard to know where to begin. Especially from women that are way more up to speed in the world of makeup, fashion, and beauty products than I am.

A Little About Me

Melanie Hamilton – Gone With The Wind
Gone With The Wind
Scarlett O’Hara – Gone With The Wind

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m Mel. It’s actually short for Melanie. My mother named me after the character Melanie Hamilton from the movie Gone With The Wind. Funny thing though, I always thought Scarlett O’Hara had better fashion sense.

Makeup has been a fascination of mine as far back as I can remember. I enjoyed watching the beauty routines my mother, stepmother, and other female family members while they performed their morning rituals to ready themselves for the day.

My stepmother was the most fascinating of all to watch.

My Stepmother was a hairdresser so she was the type of women that never left the house without her hair perfectly coiffed and makeup applied with precision. The Southern Belle type, kinda like the characters on the show Designing Women.

80’s Popular Hairspray Brands

I was a kid in the 80’s when blue eye shadow and big hair with so much hair spray that the wind didn’t stand a chance was all the rage. Aqua Net, White Rain, Mink, and Vidal Sassoon hairspray were the go to products that made these hairstyles possible.

Every tween and teen girl was emulating the fashion stylings of Madonna, Janet, Cyndi, and Whitney thanks to MTV (when that channel was still all about the music).

Doc Martens

Then came the 90’s. When the 1990’s rolled around I no longer wanted to emulate the pop queens. I was full of angst and black clothing was all the rage. But not just any black clothing. It was heavy metal band shirts and black jeans and Doc Martins. The predecessor of Goth and Emo styles.

I never did dye my hair black, though. It was always bleach blond. Even Marylin Monroe knew that gentleman prefer blondes even if they were angsty.

John Travolta & Uma Thurman – Pulp Fiction

But that all changed the day Uma Thurman graced the screen in Pulp Fiction. Her tailored white button up shirt with the large collar and long cuffs and black trousers is unforgettable. I have a closet full of those kinds of shirts and black pants even now.

Fast Foward 20 Years

Motherhood and “domestic bliss” fill my days now. Convenience is more my speed when it comes to style. Opting more for jeans and simple t-shirts instead of a tailored button down shirts and business slacks. Despite it all my love for makeup and fashion has never waned. I never give up the opportunity to check out the new styles at the clothing stores and all the new products in the beauty section.

When I’m not doing tedious housework I spend my days researching products, recipes for yummy food, and methods to solve all types of problems. Last but not least I keep up with the latest celebrity fashion and makeup trends online as well.

The internet is the most amazing tool out there.

I spend so much time doing this kind of research, why not use what I’ve learned to help serve my fellow beauty mavens. What’s the point of amassing all this amazing knowledge if I can’t help others with it, right?

That’s why I created Beauty By Mel.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be publishing the best content available to help my readers become the best version of themselves possible.

It’s going to be AMAZING!

Until then, ta ta for now.


Melanie, Editor – Beauty By Mel