V8+ Energy Drink: A Beauty By Mel Review

A few weeks ago, I signed up to be a member of BzzAgent for the opportunity to try out new products for FREE. It’s a win-win situation in the sense that I want to try out new products without feeling like I wasted my money on those products if they turn out to be total crap.

The only thing I’m required to do is give my totally honest opinion and let people know that I am not being paid to review the products that BzzAgent sends me.

Thanks to BzzAgent, I was given the opportunity to try V8+ Energy drink. 

V8 is a line of fruit and vegetable juice blends that were designed to help fill nutritional gaps. The brand is part of the Campbell’s Soup Company.

If you are not familiar with V8 juice products then you probably have never spent to much time in an American grocery store juice section. This product is also sold internationally as well.

Why Am I Giving This Review On A Site Dedicated To Beauty?

The answer is very simple. What you put inside your body is just as important as the stuff you put on your body.

No amount of makeup or magic skin care cream can hide poor nutrition. Your skin always tells on you, but that’s a post for another time.

How Many Flavors Are In The V8+ Energy Drink family And What Are They?

This product come in 12 different flavors. Those flavors are as follows:

Baked Cinnamon Apple

Raspberry Vanilla

Orange Pineapple

Peach Mango

Pomegranate Blueberry

Original Vegetable Juice

Black Cherry

White Grape Raspberry – Lightly Carbonated

Black Cherry Cranberry – Lightly Carbonated

Orange Pineapple – Lightly Carbonated

Diet Cranberry Raspberry

Diet Strawberry Lemonade

The most popular flavors are:

V8 Fusion Energy

Orange Pineapple
Pomegranate Blueberry
Peach Mango

BzzAgent shipped me the three most popular flavors to try.

All three were actually very tasty and had no weird aftertaste like other energy drinks on the market. You could taste the green tea but it didn’t overpower the other flavors. There was also a noticeable boost of energy after drinking each one without the jitters. To be honest, I was thankful for the boost considering housework gets to be a drag.

The best part is I didn’t feel like napping the minute I decided to sit down for a bit after a couple hours of domestic engineering tasks.

It’s not uncommon for me to grab a V8 when I am out of the house running errands or on road trips. I don’t always want water and soft drinks despite tasting great with salty food are terrible for us. To me, V8 was and still is a much better alternative to soft drinks.

Would I Recommend V8+ Energy To Others?

Totally! The non-diet ones are like 50 calories a can and the diet ones are 10 calories a can. You get almost as much caffeine you would in a cup of coffee, plus a great big fat dose of B vitamins.

It’s great for those who want a pick me up but can’t stand the taste of coffee.

V8+ Energy can be purchased at any grocery store in 4 to 6 packs and in singles at your local convenience store. If you are more into saving your gas and letting the UPS or Post Office deliver it you can order it online.

One last thing, even though V8+ Energy and V8 fruit and veggie drinks are packed with vitamins, drinking this product in no way should be a substitute for actually eating fruits and veggies.