10 Wide Cuff Bracelets To Channel Your Inner Warrior/Goddess

Wonder Woman via IMDB.com
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In honor of Wonder Woman’s triumphant debut at the box office and earning $454 million+ worldwide to date, I’m dedicating this post to bracelets. Owning a pair of Wonder Woman’s amazing wrist gauntlets was every little girl’s dream when Wonder Woman was a just TV show. Not to mention her ability to jump really high, beat up the bad guy to save the day and that awesome lasso that made people tell the truth.

When I was a little girl I would make my own Wonder Woman bracelets out of styrofoam drinking cups to go with my Wonder Woman Under Roos.

Doing research for this post was a bit tough. There are so many of types of these amazing bracelets it was extremely hard to choose. Some of the bracelets presented in this post are one of a kind custom-made bracelets from repurposed metals. To me that makes them even more special.

It wouldn’t be hard to fathom that ancient peoples in the time of the Greek Gods and Goddesses would melt down and repurpose metal to fashion new goods and equipment. They knew how to reuse and recycle.

So, without further ado here are the list of bracelets:

10 Wide Cuff Bracelets To Channel Your Inner Warrior/Goddess

Wonder Woman Heavy Wide Cuff Bracelet – Etsy.com

1.) Wonder Woman Rare Medieval Gladiator Armor Renaissance Spartan Warrior Large Heavy Wide Cuff Bracelet: Available at Etsy.com for $2,280.00

This fantastic sterling silver statement cuff created by Jaguar Paw, upcycled, repurposed from rare antique Art Deco Sterling, in the same style as spoon jewelry but it’s not. It is similar to spoon jewelry – repurposing. The motif is that of medieval armor with real sterling rivets hinging a fabulous gothic gladiator design. The only one of its kind.




Sunsoul Statement Cuff Bracelet – Amazon.com

2.) Sunsoul Dramatic Statement Cuff Bracelet – Celtic Inspired In Antique Silver Tone: Available at Amazon.com for $15.99

Awaken the Warrior Queen within with this stunning cuff! Inspired by Celtic design, this piece evokes the mystical times of yore. This wide bracelet cuff is flexible enough to fit all sizes. It has an antique oxidized silver look to create a rich textured effect.




The Barrel – Novica.com

3.) The Barrel – Handmade Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet: Available at Novica.com for $119.99

The wide, barrel-like design of this cuff exudes trendy sophistication. Presented by Thailand’s Aoy, the bracelet is crafted of sterling silver by hand.




Vintage Boho Wide Cuff Bracelet – Bonanza.com

4.)  Vintage Retro Gold Boho Festival Statement Wide Cuff Bracelet: Available at Bonanza.com for $9.71

Intricately Embossed Handcrafted Tribal Costume Wide Cuff Bracelet With Antique Oxidized Gold Finish





Handcrafted Gothic Boho Wide Cuff Bracelet – Bonanza.com

5.) Vintage Gothic Punk Gypsy Boho Silver Look Wide Cuff Fashion Bracelet: Available at Bonaza.com for $9.71

Handcrafted  Tribal Costume Jewelry Cuff Bracelet with Silver Plate finish.





Handwoven Silver Cuff Bracelet – Novica.com

6.) Wide Tropical Lattice – Handwoven Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet: Available via Novica.com for $229.99

Komang Wijayana evokes woven bamboo with a beautiful design inspired by the topics. Crafted by hand, this wide cuff bracelet is bold and beautiful. It makes a unique fashion statement.




14kt Yellow Gold Hammered Cuff Bracelet – Ross-Simons

7.) 14kt Yellow Gold Hammered Cuff Bracelet: Available at Ross-Simons for $2,021.25

This absolutely stunning 14kt yellow gold statement cuff commands attention with its wide profile and gleaming, rippled surface. A classic, foundation piece for any fine jewelry collection. Gold is the favored metal of the gods.





Filigree Wide Cuff Bracelet – Bonanza.com

8.) Chic Chunky SILVER Byzantine Filigree Texture WIDE Cuff Statement Bracelet: Available at Bonanza.com for $18.99

This chic wide cuff bracelet has intricate Byzantine texture. It comfortably adjusts to fit any size wrist and the ends are tapered wide with a thinner middle.  Gorgeous & chunky, this chic wide cuff bracelet is truly a statement piece that will accentuate and give that unique flair to your fabulous style!



Floral Art Nouveau Cuff – Etsy.com

9.) Antique Victorian Solid Sterling Silver Floral Art Nouveau Cuff Stieff Wide Armlet Repousse Embossed Bracer: Available at Etsy.com for $532.80

This one of a kind armlet which is repurposed with Antique Stieff sterling silver repousse that is circa 1899. This is a rare and beautiful floral motif with poppies, roses, and daisies. This lovely Victorian art nouveau period piece can now be sustained as a work of art on your arm. Solid sterling silver that was tested and still has the original Stieff stamp. Only one of its kind.



Antique Victorian Cherub Bracer – Etsy.com

10.) Antique Rare Victorian Gorham Gladiator Cuff Bracelet Cherub Angel Putti Cupid Edwardian Renaissance Design: Available at Etsy.com for $1560.00

Another beautiful masterpiece from Jaguar Paw. This repurposed antique was from the Victorian art nouveau era.. about 95 years old.. This is similar to spoon jewelry, but it is not a spoon and there is no one that has conceptualized this one of a kind piece. The motif is astonishing — The repousse is an elaborate cherub scene with a dolphin with a goddess prominently centered overlooking the seascape. The borders are intertwined with cherubs and garlands of flowers.



All of the statement pieces presented are absolutely stunning but just a small fraction of what is available to purchase online. If you want true one of a kind statement jewelry to add to your collection, Etsy.com is the place to go or you can check out the vintage shops your area. My personal favorites all come from Etsy because you can find vintage as well as handcrafted pieces from independent artisans. Vintage jewelry has historical value to it and handcrafted pieces are completely unique with no two pieces the same.

Happy hunting.